Monday, May 19, 2014

Ba ba black sheep. If anyone reading this pls comment below? even if an anonymous? 


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

An update on Dec 25.

If SY said she is worse than her friend, then I'm probably 'worser' than her? Often times update with only 1/2 lines, cursing ppl, complaining, bla bla bla........ lol

What's going on with me is just more or less the same routine, so nothing interesting to talk about.
I just want to post on this about my bf. We are sort of low profile couple. He is not romantic and I'm the bossy type of girlfriend, 温柔 is not my thing though. Haha. So for Christmas, I dont expect anything from him, and he dont expect anything for me(perhaps? lol) even that I always say Xmas must give present. *demanding gf

So that day he surprisingly brought the bear to my house. I was really excited that time because that is the bear that I wanted since..........1 year ago? haha But i'm not a fan or very super like teddy bear, so I dont feel a necessary to own that. Hahahaaha.. He hide it beside my pillow, but worried that I'm too dumb to not notice it. Lol

Haha these are the cute ConY and Brown that we saw in Hamleys Toy Store in 1U. We only brought Brown back. :/
So from me to him, I made him a 'Idk-how-to-name-that-thing' aka handmake-decorated-box? Oh well, whatever name it is. Bought the wooden box and the Xmas tree from Typo, photoshoped some images, the rest are decoration origami from the Internet. Things that money can't buy is the most precious thing. :D Posting here cz he wont read this, so I guess it's still a surprise for him? XD

A wooden box

Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. :D

3D stars
It didn't turned out as what I planned though. This is simpler. Anyway less is more? *Ignore the background pls==
It's a Xmas present, but it's still with me. Was supposed to go out today, but....hmmph. And I spent my day at home, while the boy is maybe going out meeting the ex. *sounds serious? nahh.. gathering la.. haha   Positively, I can watch TV? I think I spent most of the time with my TV, my buddy companion. I'd watch almost every show from the freaking box! LOL

Till here then, I think this is very long ady for me. haha. Continue with my Masterchef Australia. Ciaoz~!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

My last post was nearly a month ago. Always wanted to write on something, but ended up without a clear idea. Or maybe my life is just too dull currently. Suggest me maybe?

sometimes i would think, what is l-o-v-e ?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The years to come.

Okay, since you think i'm in my mood swing now(which i'm not actly), i'm just lazy to deny.
Well, leaving to Penang tmr evening for 5 days. The sem break trip with fellow classmates. Havent pack a single thing. Lol. But yeah just listed out something so that I wont forget them tomorrow. (hopefully)
Every trip it goes the same to me. I just feel lazy and dont feel like moving now in my own comfort zone. Dont have the mood yet. Just just now, finish seeing where the homestay is, where is where and what is what.

Years to come, my dream to travel budgetly(backpacking) around the world, no time frame. Currently no guest on board yet cz I'm not sure if anyone wants to join me in this long long long long trip. I would probably gv myself 6-9 months for this, provided with enough cash to spend. Travelling alone is not a bad idea too(just that it's a bit hard to take photo wise.. haha). Doesnt need to explain to anyone, no planning, spontaneous destination, no need to bother about any nonsense and do whatever i like within my ability. It is cool isn't it? I dont even need to care of anyone's feeling. How easy and relax it could be.

Yeah want to go Utah so much. I dont know what I can do there, just wanted to go. Or maybe not doing anything thing just lying on the dessert whole day?

And watch aurora at Northern state(Canada or North Pole maybe?)
Aurora Borealis - Damn i thought this was photoshoped at first. I meant I thought aurora doesn't exist (I'm a katak I know LOL)

And the Singapore trip on dec...................... hvn tell my mum(haha) hvn buy return flight. Practicing need not to buy return ticket for my future plan. haha

i dont mind you lie a lil'. But i seriously hate ppl who cant tell a white lie. White lie in my dictionary means telling lies which create no harm to anyone without letting anyone knows. 

C yaa~! Bon voyage~!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pre-exam procrastination

Well the papers are tmr. I feel like i'll be so dead. Nothing goes in. Horrible. Just want to run away from here. Heavy mood swing of nonsense.

Escape is not a solution, therefore i shall wait.

I'm really easily satisfied. Why dont you do a lil' bit more? Everyone is tensed up, I dont want to complain. But i'm not really happy. ;(

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Invaded by emotions

That day was really bad. Yeap I cried(shyt). So moodless that I dont even wanna talk to anyone. He called (few times, maybe?) I picked up at last, and i was just en.. en.. en.. At night he called to asked for dinner, I shall say that i feel much better that time. Then when he reached my house, due to some stuff, he cant eat with me. Madness started to rise. I just keep silence and told him to go back. The day after he told me that he was worried of me. I feel bad for making other feel bad. I'm actlly very warm-hearted when he said that he doesn't want to only be my '挂牌' boyfriend. Maybe I'm still used to keep things to myself. Although it's quite annoying when someone keep bugging you when you are like so frustrated, but at least you know there's someone who would care.

p.s Thanks for tolerating my hot-tempered and 'man-ness'. I'll try to be more gentle next time okay? ;))

That silly face  <3 td="">

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wanted to blog on my Singapore trip, but shooo shoooo shooo lazy~! :P

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hell begin soon

Haihhhhhhh My 1 week holiday gonna end soon! SHit noooooooo